The Vacay

Right now I'm riding back from hartsfield international airport. If I would have been travelling alone I would probably be settling into my seat catching up on some much needed sleep, hopefully I would sleep for the whole 5 hours an wake up at Bridgetown International Airport. In Barbados. But instead I'm riding the city train back home because this girl does not understand.

Getting up to the airport was the worst thing because as soon as I saw the security checkpoint line I was like there's no way we're gonna make this flight. I really wanted to fucking scream because here I am with a suitcase full of new clothes and the mind frame that I won't be seeing Georgia for at least two weeks. So I try anyway and ask the Delta kiosk agent what we can do and she tells me....

"Check in for this flight is closed, you should've been here earlier!"

I felt that hot feeling in my body that I get when I can't find something like my keys and I really need to be somewhere, so I didn't say anything but my body language says it all to her. What really heated me up was just the lackadaisical attitude she had and her comments like..

"Well maybe we can get on the next flight"...."Well, everything happens for a reason"....."Somebody really was praying for me not to go!" "Well you can go later can't you?"

It took all the tact I could muster to not tell 'lisa'...

"Shut the fuck up, we woudn't be in this situation if you didn't wake up late, get over here late and then try to flip the script on me saying I made you fell 'flustered' by calling you multiple times and that I had a rude tone when I asked you where you were. You fucking ruined my vacation."

Add that to the fact that my little German girl got smashed on the morning before and it really makes for a cherry on a shitty sundae. Supri

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PhlyyGirl said...

I don't even have words. Well I do, but I ain't gon say them cause that would be rude of me.

On the flip side, can you just go see your grandmother now? I know you were struggling with that decision at first cause you wanted to go on the trip, but maybe now you can just go see your fam.

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