Two tickets to paradise

The only thing that would make this better is female compainionship and I can think of like 3 girls I'd like to be here with but oh well right?

I leave for Barbados in about a week or so and I feel like I should be more excited. I mean I've got a girlfriend who's really good to me despite the fact that she thinks I'm too lursty and used to dating/being with whores who want sex everyday. I don't think sex is something that can be left out of any relationship, so I don't know where things are gonna go...Well I do but what can I really do? I don't want anything like that, that's not freely given. However; I do plan on enjoying the time we spend.

Even though my job with Emory gave me the axe, (no body spray) I managed to get put on valeting at a popular Atlanta night club. The hours are crazy but I get paid in cash and get to flirt with fellatious women all night.


Video Vix[o]n said...

good looks on a vacation... you stay going on wild nice island vacays... do it up as usual...

"...I've got a girlfriend who's really good to me despite the fact that she thinks I'm too lursty" storyline of my life man, word for word... but happy for you dude.

i should be hitting up DR in a couple months, so imma be on di beach soon... soaking up rays like sponges

Andre said...

"Andre we just had sex on saturday and today is wednesday! It hasn't even been a week yet!"

I've heard so many things about DR, but nothing since Haiti happened, but I know it's gonna be on point bro.

Ashmalli said...

sorry I've been away sir, now catching up on your blog?
Is that her in the pic? she's cute. Are u from Barbados or something? You're always going there :-)

Andre said...

I know right, I'm suprised myself! The only thing is her dislikes I do like and I guess it will be what it will be, but I'm happy so yeah...
My family is from Barbados and I have some still there, so I can kinda get away when Ive got time.

Jaded said...

dang man, when you get a gf? I need to read more often.

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