Family Values: A blast from the past

What happened to me... I used to be such a cute boy. Now when I show these pictures to girls I tell them that "This is my son, he's just turning ___ or just starting middle school." I'm such a gas sometimes...

My mom is always tellin' me not to buy all these clothes and shoes and how I don't need all them right, but she's the same woman with a 2500 ink coat hanging in the closet along with sooooo many clothes from before I was born ands stuff... SMDH

My mom is a beautiful woman and I'm glad I'm glad I get it from my momma, not taking anything away from my father cause he gave me my towering 5'12 frame and sexy chocolate smooth skin


Video Vix[o]n said...

wow, some throwback pics, Dre. thanks for sharing them.

damn, you were stunnin' with the shades even back then? thats that toddler swag, lol.

yeah, i got my chocolate from my pops too. just so happens.

kmx. said...

i love old pics!
you were soo cute, awww.
& your moms is really a
beautiful ladyy. =]

Jaded said...

Mama Fish Grease is (was?) fly. The kitchen cabinets in your old house were awfully low.

I've decided. You have good skin.

You know...you kinda remind me of LBF...but a younger version. lol.

hb said...

your baby pictures are so adorable and your mom is so pretty. and yea i can see her style could have influenced you, your mom really was flyy.

Dallas Black said...

It is a blessing to have those pics man.

I need some red sweat pants too...hehe


A.M. said...

Aww, aren't u the cutest thing...and you're right, your mommy is really pretty.
Hope all is well with you, stop by sometime.

PhlyyGirl said...

You look just like your mother! And she's pretty flyy too by the way.
Those pictures are the cutest thing ever though, especially the one with you in the red pants looking like you just got caught at something!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

gosh..i freakin love those back in the day pics of my parents...they were so fly diggity fresh..i love the last picture with your ma holding you, youre looking up at her all cute!

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