every night is valentines, every day is christmas!

With valentines day right around the corner there's all this pressure to have a valentine...I feel like if I don't, then I'm some kind of loser. I've got plans to see Jason on friday with this lursty 18 yo chick I met. I don't really see doing too much with her besides seeing the movie then getting the 'pure brita water filter juice' so yeah...(the movie is terrible and she showed up with her gay/metrosexual best friend. I asked him "What movie you gonna see? We're seeing jason" During the movie her and that dude wouldn't shut the fuck up! I mean they were talking so much even black people were like "damn they talk a lot!" I walked out during the movie on her, and she txted me "what happened lol" I txted "lose my number lolcopter") then I proceeded across the street to drink ciroc until I was telling girls "take that, take that"

On the big day itself I don't really have anything set in stone. Omari said I could be her "unofficial valentine" and we can do something on sunday, "Chrissy" (the closest thing to a GF) hasn't really flucked with me as hard as she used to since I stood her up to go out with the fellas. (Which I really can understand cause if I was ironing my clothes to see a chick I really wanted to see and she called me at the last minute canceling to go to the club, I'd be all kind of hot about it). A girl "Gem" I went out with before and had/have(?) a huge crush on said she might wanna do something on saturday and she'll call me on saturday afternoon, but I told her "I'm gonna need something a little more concrete than that." Fuck I look like waiting around for a call that may or may not come? Most likely I'll go over "arychtexas' house and chill with him his beautiful daughters and his wife, watch movies and tell jokes. Sunday I'll probably be geeking out all day.


Authentik.SupaFlai said...

ugh! your horrible,
how you stand a girl up for ya fellas. you horrible human being! lol

nah ive been put off by a guy for his homeboys.

but i still made time for him the next time he wanted to go out.

im a sucker for goodlooking men.

Jaded said...

I am rolling at "lolcopter" I am soooooooooo gonna use that!!

Hope you went out to the club and scooped you up someone who was desperate to be laid up next to someone.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Valentines Smalentines ;)

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