Hoes on my dick cause I look like J.K Rowling...

You know how people direct you to thier personal playlist of youtube movies, the one's that are "SOOO FUUUNNNNY LOLOLOLOL"... That's how I came across this one here. The first couple minutes are kinda 'chuckle worthy' but as I started really listening to this dude talk, I thought one of two things.. He's either
A. Sitting back waiting for this to go viral
B. About to back the car in the garage and asphyxiate himself
and of course
C.They shouldn't never gave you niggas cameras!

I think it's fucked up that a lot of black males feel under this pressure to be 'cool/swagged out/ swag to the 6/swag on full attack/hoes on my dick l cause I look like jesus' all the time. I'm real glad I got out of that mentality and I just started trying to be like myself...
I'm about to be 25 come November and think that's the age when being 'fresh and cool' gets thrown out the window and it becomes more about what you have achieved.

I use to think "GAME" was this magical "script" you would say to a chick and she'd be in the palm of your hand (via phone number) It was only through rejections, etc. did I realize it's not pickup lines and smooth talking chicks..it's about confidence
I feel like if you're able to hold a conversation with a chick and keep her interested... You have some type of "game"...I'm positive that's this dudes issue.

But at the same time asking someone to "be confident" is like asking a rookie to join a pickup game, and when he's fucking up, the whole team is like...

If anything that just makes it worse. He needs to not have been put in the game in the first place, or taught the game though practice and fundamentals before he's put in the paint. I didn't have that confidence because I didn't understand women. Now I'm not a Mel Gibson ass dude or a Bossmack Topsoil....
BUT I do know that women can only love men they respect, and can only respect men who understand them. That confidence; if you don't understand women then it's bullshit. Good women see right through bullshit... Yeah, they might humor you until you start getting worsome; but they won't really be fucking with you "LIKE THAT" anyways.
"It's easy to move from girl to girl when you're playing puppet master with these stupid young hoes Andre, rather than having your mind and body fully intellectually stimulated with a woman who's worth it ."


Dope Fiend said...

loooooooooooooooooooooool this dude is funny LAME AS HEYALLL!

Andre said...

You're right I mean he could be a comedian, like a black Rodney Dangerfield!

Jaded said...

I didn't watch the video but I did shed a tear re: how much you've grown. I swear your like the same, but much better! Good for you Andre, spittin' all that smart shit.

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