Why haven't I heard of...The Mars Volta

Get him to the greek was one of the funniest movies I've seen all year. I loved it when it was in theaters and it's only gotten funnier since I downloaded bought the unrated version.

Anyways theres a scene were he wants to take his girlfriend to a The Mars Volta show and after hearing it she says " I don't think it's worth me being tired over"

So I checked The Mars Volta out and as always I get the first album. To me the first album is the best reference of an artist and what they are capable of and if you like/hate the first album then you already know what time it is with the artist. I did it when AuthentikFlai told me about Scienze and it really works.

Anyways this is their first album and I think it's pretty brilliant. I'm still musically digesting it my damn self and when I finish, I'm definitely getting the second.

Check it out and see what you guys think.


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