Pic Tails 42: 35mm edition

This is my Canon I shoot with... I got a tripod from a really cool dude on craigslist and he showed me some features on my own camera I didn't even know existed.

I rarely get in front of the camera anymore. It's like all of my friends have parkinson's and plus I still don't have a 'blue steel' or 'magnum' look yet. I finally got a roll developed after going through so much bullshit with the photo tech.

I met a girl 'Nivia' at work nearing the end of summer. It was during the time when I was enjoying a few girls company and as 'nivia' and myself spent more time together, I realized that I would have no problem flaking off on other girls to spend time with her. And boy did I flake off!

'Nivia' was a lot of things I wanted in a girl. Snazzy dresser, free spirited, well traveled, former magnet student, current nerd, and she has a body type that I go wild for. She was all these things and had a boyfriend. That in no way deterred me because even though I am a gentleman and a renaissance man in every sense of the word, I have no qualms about keeping somebodies girlfriend company especially while he's away at grad school.

Alas, nothing can stay gold forever and the summer ended, She went up to see her BF and I don't know how or why my feeling toward her changed... I mean I still like her but I feel like....I don't know, but I damn sure don't feel the same way I did before and as is the case with it. I don't think I can feel like that for her again?

This is not 'nivia' BTW

I think this girl is beautiful. I want to covet her, not in the weird way though...

This girl broke my lawn chair with her sitting shenanigans!
Girls from the YMCA.

A very stately looking black labrador.

Two girls repping rock smith outside the Dom Kennedy show. I saw them and thought it was funny that they're both dressed like they're audtioning for the role of 'Aunt Viv'.A sorry ass lifeguard.
I went to a Dom Kennedy show and it was very cool. I ran into a lot of old friends and I was able to be on stage while Dom was performing. I felt like I was rocking on stage with him.
My bro Sean representing Atlanta Got Sole.

Drinking sweet tea vodka and sake had me sweatin' in that Georgia summer evening heat. Having a pretty erudite sititng on me didn't help much either.My aunt came over all the way from west london to visit my mother. My mother in turn paid her back by making a crazy face in this picture.

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