Don't fuck with the internet

Just by looking up Jessi Slaughter on Google, Anon found her Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, leading to even more epic lulz. As Jessi is only eleven and a whore, she accepts all friend requests; even from accounts with ridiculous names, such as I.P. Freelyand Pedobear (SRSLY). Thus, anon managed to get her email address, followed by an actual street address.......very quickly the situation reached critical mass, going into full raid mode. Pizzas and UPS boxes were promptly ordered to her home and there were a number of requests for Craigslist whores in the area to be directed to the address.....

Shortly thereafter, the volume on this entire episode gets cranked up to eleven when two new videos appear in which the girl bawws hysterically while her dad and his awesome child-molester mustache go completely ape shit bonkers, screaming at the computer over the IRL and OL trolling they've just endured.

Jessi cries that "her life is ruined" and that she's "going through hell", while the father spits out instant classics such as "you dun goofed", and he's "backtraced [our] emails" and that the "cyberpolice are on their way" and when they find us "the consequences will never be the same."

Why would people do such a thing... Oh I know why!

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