Andre gets an Iphone 4

I had the perfect opportunity to Pre order the Iphone 4 on the 15th and receive it like 2 weeks early. I woke up at like 8 am and had to stop by to see my mother and then it was off to the AT&T store to preorder. The fatal flaw in that plan was that I did not wake up alone at 8 am, I woke up with 'Lisa" and she wanted to ride with me to see my mom, and because she is unemployed she see's going to bartending school as a way to make some easy quick cash. (after paying $549 to learn to mix drinks) I'm not a dream killer but I know she doesn't know shit about alcohol and to her 'blue motorcycles' and 'long islands' are the extent of her alcoholic knowledge. So she had to be there at 12 to 'get some information' so that meant that I didn't even get to preorder because we got there at 1055 and all the early adopters/ people who were smart enough to not bring their GF/BF's had already beaten us to the punch.

All that is aside now and I love my new iPhone, I've heard all the fanboy bullshit from people with Sprint Evo's and all that jazz but in my experience it's like my iPhone barely fit in my pocket sometimes. Definitely DO NOT WANT anything larger. I have seen the EVO screen in person - its great for watching videos, but that's it - don't need a fuckin tablet to make calls with. The internet on an EVO is faster I can't even stunt on that and iPhone is wi-fi to wi-fi now, but this will change. I look for simplicity. EVO's chat uses 3rd party software. On the iPhone you dial the damn phone number & hit the video button. Period.

And I still have the chocolate case for the 4, I had to shrink it hot water but now it fits like a glove.

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Jaded said...

Jealous. That is all.

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