Spring Holiday

I would be lying if I didn't say that MTV played an integral role for me wanting to go to college. I used to watch say what karaoke, and jerry springer on the beach, girls with their breasts all out and alcohol and more girls..Awww man... Then, just when I though it couldn't get any better,MTV invented the triple kiss.

My spring break will mostly be spent relaxing with 'lisa' the same girl I work with, I've been teaching her the guitar and she's getting it kinda... I plan on cooking some of my famous coriander chicken dish and some other indian food dishes... Other than that I'll just use this break to reassess and enjoy some of this wonderful Georgia spring air in the great indoors.

What'll y'all be doing?

1 comment:

jaded said...

I Just had my spring break and I did a little less than nothing. It was awesome.

ps/ triple kisses look gross. lol

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