Sometimes, I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion

I spent my spring break doing a whole lot of nothing, and this picture represents my spring break. Even though I've got like three or five papers to write, pictures to draw in my sketchbook and a few art gallery critiques to write up; They aren't due till like next month so I've got like a whole month to do them. even though me and 'lisa' are almost complete opposites and thinking of the ways we differ, there is like no reason we should be together at all because she...

- Can't come to terms with my metrosexuality.
After I lost that 'gucci mane body', My style got wilder, my shirts got smaller and my pants got tailored with a modern fit. I've always got manicures because in business and in life, one of the first things people look at are hands. But to her it's all gay and unbecoming of a man.

-Isn't down with the swirl
Well she really just isn't down with the fact that I'm down with the 'swirl'. I tell her I don't discriminate, and she says "Y'all (black men) just want anything not black!" When she found out about "elaine" (via facebook snooping) I almost caught myself defending why I was with her...
-Doesn't love music
She's content just to listen to the radio.

-Wants children
Like a lot of childless single girls around 23-25, they feel like some kind of countdown has started. When I tell certain girls I really "I don't see myself wanting/having children 'till at I'm least 30 or 27."
the response is always something like
"You're gonna be an old man when he grows up"
"You're gonna be chasing him around in a walker"
"That's too old"

but there's something about her so I guess we can agree to disagree...

Something about vintage american muscle seems like the best thing ever. It's an 88 Pontiac Firebird and even though I prefer mine coca cola brown with the bird on the hood, the red suits it just fine.

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jaded said...

My professor walked by my laptop just as I scrolled down to the picture of you between her legs...awkward.

Anywhoo...she'll be happy with your metrosexuality after you two stop seeing one another and her next bf fails to shower after the gym and wants to "cuddle".

The kids thing...yeah...make sure you continue to wrap it up...not that you aren't already (!!) (even if she says she's on bc).

The swirl, I think it's a little strange myself...but love knows no color boundaries (ask my mom dad lol).

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