Andre the honor student.

I think I know how Al Gore felt when he created the internet. I have created `the greatest dessert ever. I've found that I have a passion for cooking and I've been making indian dishes, alot of curry, spices, fish, lamb and potato dishes. Now I consider myself a beijan and i like my food hot because I can take the heat. So of course the perfect counter to that is ice cream. I made this delicious treat and it's so good, that it's still in the beta phase and my beta testers are giving me rave reviews. I added banana bread to this batch and since I didn't have any testers I tried it myself. So when I work out the name and the patent pending, I'll share it with y'all.

Classes start tomorrow and it seems like the perfect time for me to run over a deer.
When I say run over I don't mean hit as like

More like it was in the middle of the road dead and my dumb ass drove over it. I'll be getting a rental tomorrow but this shit couldn't of happened at a worse time. I was with 'elaine' when it happened so I had to keep my shit together you know?

Speaking of 'elaine', I told her that I loved her and she told me "I've loved you for a long time Andre, I don't know what to say..."
I told her not to say anything.

I know that we're not in love, but it feels good to have a lover. I really don't wanna play around with hella girls and stuff, but I damn sure don't want to settle down... So that leaves me in a interesting position, because I feel like I don't wanna waste my time or some girls time. Even though relationships never really defined me, I love the company of a new woman.

Speaking of worse time, I officially start as a full time student tomorrow. Funny thing is, as I was typing this on sunday afternoon, I got a call from the honors academic adviser asking me if I wanted to enroll in the honors program and swap out my classes with honors ones. Now all through my life, I've sometimes done just the bear minimum to get by because I may've felt like why work harder to get the same results as if I didn't work as hard? I'm not really a resolutions person at all but what better time to change bad habits than a new year right?

Speaking of school I don't know where my classes are but I know exactly what I'm going to wear.


Jaded said...

Reciprocated love? Good for you!
That deer thing freaked me out and...you seem to be less than a good driver. I feel like I've read at least 3 incidents that you've had in an automobile.

Your insurance must be sick.

Taryn Andre said...

damn dude..the deer is effing stuck under the car parts..you blended the deer up >_< gosh how fast were you going ?

congrats to you having a lover! its been a while since i have read your blog ,so this is pretty spiffy news because before i remember you had the "on to the next one" thing going on when it came to females lol

Andre said...

My insurance is fucking crazy, they wanna hit me over the head for reals. 1400 for 6 months GTFOH!

The thing is what /i have is never enough...I think I've just got too much love to share with one person.

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